Joining Wealthy Affiliate 2020 Review

Today I am going to give you my honest review of joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2020.

The first thing that attracted me is it has been around for 15 years, it is run by two guys called Kyle

and Carson, from the start you can see just how passionate they are in helping you to succeed in that you can ask them questions and no matter how busy they are they will respond and help you.

Joining wealthy Affiliate 2020 Review.

The process of joining is very easy as you would expect from a program that is being successfully run. One of  the most surprising things is that it has been around for so long And until ten days ago I had never heard of it. 

I certainly wish I had found it years ago. There is a saying good things come to those who wait.


As soon as I registered I dived right in. The website is very easy to navigate and if you do find it difficult there is a walk through video that will help you.The training is extremely comprehensive Even in the Free phase you can access The first 10 lessons of the two boot camps Which is totally UN heard of.

You have a choice of two boot camps, one is totally dedicated to helping you to choose your own niche and has 5 modules each containing 10 lessons so 50 in total. The other is dedicated to helping you to promote Wealthy Affiliate  or any money making opportunity it has 7 modules containing 10 lessons so 70 in total.

The lessons in the boot camp will show you how to build your own website in 30 seconds.

Through out the training there are tasks for you to complete, this helps you to build out

the website and shows you step by step how to look for keywords to build your content

which in turn gets you ranked on Google for SEO, which is search engine optimization.

As well as the boot camps there is training carried out by Jay the resident official trainer

The members also post helpful training of their own which you can access for free.


An Abundance of help

Usually when you join a new program You have to join a separate Facebook page in order to ask questions. A refreshing difference here is that it is all done on the site. You can ask any question at the end of every training lesson and there are people on hand that answer you any time of the day or night.

There is also a dedicated chat for any help queries. You will find everybody is really friendly and eager to help you to succeed.

The platform 

you have access to word press to build your site and write your blogs.

with word press you are able to post as often as you want to because

you own the site.

you can publish one post a day to start with on your own profile.where you

can write about anything and the community will comment and encourage you.

Jaxy is a brilliant tool for key words research and you can also look at your site

rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

you have access to 300 hours of past lives with  industry experts and many, many

more features to keep you learning and improving your site.

There are hundreds of Affiliates programs to choose from.

it is also possible to purchase your own domain, this is a great thing to do because

the price stays the same forever.

There is a member to member private messaging are.

The site is always being updated with new features to help you to succeed.

Payment structure

This is Free to join and even if you decide to stay a free member you still get paid commissions for your referrals have you ever known this before? If you decide to go premium you get double the commissions and that is only the beginning of the bonuses you receive.

I can give you a discount on the first month of a whopping 61% you pay $19 instead of $49 then it is $49 a month or if you want to save even more money you can pay for a yearly membership at the amazing price of $359 which equates to $29.92 a month.

The hosting alone would cost a lot more than the monthly fee.

In conclusion.

Many of the people have been around for years which I found to be really encouraging as it

proves that it works. The helpfulness of  everyone involved made me feel like I was in the right

place. The website you build is yours, you can choose any theme you want and write about

anything you are knowledgeable or passionate about.

One of the best things is there are no up-sells. All you pay for is your membership and the

domain if you want your own one.

Ease of joining and navigating the site 5 out of 5

Training extremely comprehensive and easy to follow 5 out of 5

Help definitely available 5 out of 5

Value for money 5 out of 5

All you need to do is put in the work and then reap the rewards. Consistency is the key to success

write blogs get ranked on Google and watch the traffic flow in.


If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me below. I would love nothing more than

hearing from you.


To your success.



10 thoughts on “Joining Wealthy Affiliate 2020 Review”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I love your article on joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is really well written, informative and insightful. I believe you will inspire many other to join WA and they will benefit from your website too.

    Keep up the amazing work, keep learning and keep leading. You are well on your way to becoming a leader in this industry, so just never give up. You will have tough days (just like we are now), but they are the days that you need to keep pushing forward even more.

    If you ever need any help with anything then the community of WA is amazing, as you well know.

    You got this. All the best to you,


    • Hi Tom,
      Many thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.
      Wealthy Affiliate is such an Awesome place to learn
      How to do this properly.
      The community are amazingly helpful.

      Stay safe.

  2. Well said Lisa. The WA community is very helpful and always wanting each other to succeed. And the fact that the platform has been around for over a decade really shows the staying power and value they provide to users. Best of luck in your endeavors, much success to you.

    • Hello Dereck,
      I wish you continued success, appreciate you taking time out of your day to read and comment on my post. Many thanks.

      Stay safe

  3. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing this article. I like the idea of WA free starter membership. It gives you a chance to play around with the platform so you can make a confident decision when the time is right. Also, the price of membership is very low compared to some competitors in the industry. Thanks again!

    • Thank you Ivan, the free membership is good as you say until you decide if it’s for you and there is no hassle to upgrade.
      The price is peanuts for what you get in return. Your own hosted website is just the start.
      Very much appreciate your time.

  4. Hi Lisa. Thank you for sharing your informative review to help others to know Wealthy Affiliate better, especially for those who are interested to go into affiliate marketing and are looking for the best platform to start.

    I myself have join Wealthy Affiliate since last year August and I have learn to build up my website from nothing to current impressive site all to the help of training through Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have no IT background at all and completely newbie in affiliate marketing. I would recommend those who are newbie too and interested to go into affiliate marketing online business, WA is the best platform to start.

    • I totally agree with you Janet. I’m technically challenged and I managed to do it.
      The training is very easy to follow along with and as time goes on you are adding posts and getting ranked by the search engines.
      I really appreciate your comments.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing! Your review will help many others that are looking for a supportive community and a solid platform to start an online business.

    I have been with wealthy affiliate for almost three years. The community has been very helpful and I have learned a lot.

    I wish you the best on your journey!

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment,
      I really appreciate it.
      I agree with you about the amazing community. The training is the best I have come across.
      To your continued success.


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